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Catriona Tells Lies

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winter tells lies (2006) was commissioned by Sascha Perfect for her performance piece Organ City and was premiered at the Excursions Performance Festival in Limerick.
It exists in 2 versions, stereo playback and 8-channel surround sound.
In 2011 Agnieszka Kaminska produced a video to accompany the piece, an extract of which can be viewed here
Victim of Society (album) in addition to songs that were, songs that could have been, and songs that should have been this style is called sapping
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(1)# Catriona Tells Lies mp3 Updated 57 hours ago
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(3)# She Tells Lies mp3 Updated 51 hours ago
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(4)# winter tells lies mp3 Updated 46 hours ago
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(5)# Your Vision Tells Lies Ft Cannibis Lecture Elyk Chronic WC 1 at Dub Cee Territory mp3 Updated 57 hours ago
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(6)# 09 Claire Tells Lies mp3 Updated 43 hours ago
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